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11-Jun-2016 00:05

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We sat together at a table close to the band, as the room filled to capacity.

A feast was served: many tables full of mouthwatering appetizers were brought out first.

But there’s strength in numbers, so we walked into the beautiful church hall together…and into a timeless space.) The warmth and beauty of the decorations, the delicious aroma of Armenian food permeating the air, and the familiar sound of treasured songs from our past rolling from the twelve musicians onstage made us feel instantly welcome, although we knew only a handful out of the two hundred and sixty relatives and friends gathered there.

All older now than our memories registered, familiar onstage faces broke into grins as we were recognized.

Fire and Embers Recently, I had a poignant, sad, joyful and profound experience.

I’m still working on processing the whole thing, through a range of emotions which are still startling me with their depth.

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