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Mike Epps is done with Hulk Hogan and what's more, Mike says Hulk has lost his hood pass and his ticket to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.

The comedian blew into LAX Friday and made it clear ... He's incredulous Hulk used the n word in his sex tape, but feels strongly Brooke Hogan should ignore her dad's admonition.

Finally, I asked him whether a slap on the face had intrinsic meaning, and he said it’s an insult.

He agreed these have transcultural meaning, even when they’re expressed without any words.

And yet deep inside we know this isn’t satisfying or true.

The next time we talked I decided to broach the subject another way.

I asked him if he believes a pat on the back means anything. To follow up, I asked him if a kiss on the cheek has any meaning, and he said it shows care and affection.

Last time we talked, he bragged about the number of women he’s pursuing.I asked him if the act of sex means anything to him or the girls he’s sleeping with. The act itself doesn’t really mean anything.” No matter what I said, he refused to concede that sex had any meaning beyond the physical act itself.Sean Mc A friend of mine has sex with a lot of women.He has completely bought the idea of the hookup culture, which says you can simply have sex with someone, and then move on with your life as if nothing significant happened.

For whatever reason, my next question caught him off guard: “If a kiss on the cheek, slap on the face, and pat on the back have intrinsic meaning, how can the act of sex—which is the most intimate physical act two people can commit—not mean anything beyond itself?

” He simply stared at me, and then chuckled, realizing I had a point.