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The City may refuse to issue any license or permit to an applicant who has not paid an overdue forfeiture resulting from a violation of a City ordinance and/or any unpaid municipal taxes, assessments or other fees.This section shall apply to all licenses and permits issued by the City except as specifically limited by applicable Wisconsin Statutes. All licenses issued hereunder shall expire on June 30 in the year of issuance unless issued for a shorter term, when they shall expire on midnight of the last effective day of the license, or unless otherwise provided by these ordinances or state laws. All licenses issued hereunder shall be displayed upon the premises or vehicle for which issued or, if carried on the person, shall be displayed to any officer of the City upon request. It shall be a condition of holding a license under this chapter that the licensee comply with all ordinances of the City.Stats., to individuals who have met the following criteria: Background check from the Police Department indicates no alcohol or drug-related convictions in the last five years.This includes DUI, open intoxicants, possession of paraphernalia, underage drinking, serving minors.

Failure to do so shall be cause for revocation of the license. No license other than a liquor or beer license shall be required under this section for any nonprofit educational, charitable, civic, military or religious organization where the activity which would otherwise be licensed is conducted for the benefit of the members or for the benefit of the public generally. All applications for renewal of licenses hereunder shall be made to the City Clerk by April 15.Renewal of licenses shall be charged the same fee as the original charge for issuance. An applicant for a license under this chapter thereby consents to the entry of police or authorized representatives of the City upon licensed premises at all reasonable hours for the purposes of inspection and search and consents to removal from the premises and introduction into evidence in prosecutions for violations of this chapter all things found therein in violation of this chapter or state law.