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|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Esther Ruth /Bunting/|1 SEX F|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Edwards Co. Over time, we expect to be the largest on-line directory related to custom calls, hunting guides, and turkey hunting gear in the USA. If you are a custom call maker or turkey hunting guide. If you are looking for turkey hunting gear, please check out our shop. We are the Internets most complete directory of custom turkey call makers and turkey hunting guides. Click on the categories below to learn more about each call maker or hunting guide.BUNTING|1 CONT FORMER RESIDENT'S SON'S BODY FOUND IN MICHIGAN LAKE|1 CONT The body of Ramon L. Effo|1 CONC rts were made to locate the bodies after the lake was frozen hard enou|1 CONC gh to support rescue equipment, but were unsuccessful. Illinois|1 DEAT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Fenton, Livingston County, Michigan|1 BURI|2 DATE |2 PLAC Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Edwards County, Illinois|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Virginia Jane /Bunting/|1 SEX F|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Gibson Co. Preceding him in death were a son, Marvin, who died in 1927, bro|1 CONC thers Joe, Enos and John of Albion and Phillip of metropolis, and siste|1 CONC r, ouella Hallam of Albion and Margaret Flood of East St. Louis, and one brother, Louis Bunt|1 CONC ing of Hillview. Hallam was a member of the Albion Free Methodist Ch|1 CONC urch.|1 CONT She had worked at the coil factory i Albion during the world War 11 peri|1 CONC os and later worked at Johnnye Manufacturing Company for a number of years|1 CONC .|1 CONT Born February 12, 1903 in Edwards County, she was the duaghterof Edgar a|1 CONC nd Armilda Brock Bunting.Greene's body w|1 CONC as recovered Thursday.|1 CONT Seervices for Mr. Indiana|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Richard Levere /Bunting/|1 SEX M|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Wayne Co. Bunting, daughter of Hiram and susan Mc Combs Brock was bo|1 CONC rn June 17, 1872, and died May 16, 1925, age 52 years, 10 months and 22 da|1 CONC ys.|1 CONT She was united in marriage to Edgar Semple Bunting, March 4th 1870 a|1 CONC nd to this union were born 10 children. Louis.|1 CONT Source: Albion Journal, March, 1978|1 CONT|1 CONT|1 CONT Lewis Alfred Bunting |1 CONT Memorial Photos Flowers Edit Share |1 CONT Learn about upgrading this memorial... 22, 1895|1 CONT Albion|1 CONT Edwards County|1 CONT Illinois, USA |1 CONT Death: Mar., 1978|1 CONT Hillview|1 CONT Greene County|1 CONT Illinois, USA |1 CONT|1 CONT |1 CONT Family links: |1 CONT Parents:|1 CONT Edgar Semple Bunting (1869 - 1950)|1 CONT Armilda Anise Brock Bunting (1872 - 1925)|1 CONT |1 CONT Spouse:|1 CONT Nellie Kendrick Bunting (1893 - 1961)*|1 CONT |1 CONT Children:|1 CONT Neva Bernice Bunting Brasel (1918 - 2006)*|1 CONT Rosalie Velma Bunting Bigham (1921 - 2007)*|1 CONT |1 CONT *Calculated relationship|1 CONT |1 CONT |1 CONT Burial:|1 CONT Pine Tree Cemetery |1 CONT Patterson|1 CONT Greene County|1 CONT Illinois, USA |1 CONT |1 CONT Created by: Shirley Rakers|1 CONT Record added: Dec 12, 2012 |1 CONT Find A Grave Memorial# 102064966 |1 CONT |1 CONT |1 CONT |0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Eliza Alice /Bunting/|1 SEX F|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Albion, Edwards Co. Mrs Hallam died Tuesday afternoon at Richla|1 CONC nd Memorial Hospital in Olney, where she had been a patient since Octob|1 CONC er 10, 1977. Ruth Wick, all of Albion; one son Dean Hall|1 CONC am of Albion; 11 grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. She was married February 23, 1921 to William Ev|1 CONC erett Hallam and they farmed in the Mt. Stevens will officiata the the services w|1 CONC ith burial at the Mr.Illinois|1 BURI|2 DATE APR 1955|2 PLAC Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Edwards County, Ill|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|1 NOTE @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] NOTE|1 CONC LITTLE WABASH|1 CONT This community was saddened by the death of John Bunting who passed aw|1 CONC ay at his home at Thursday nighter after a short illness. He was married to Nellie Kendrick, who died in 196|1 CONC 1. Charles (Donna) Arnold of white Hall; 19 grand|1 CONC children, 26b great grandchildren; one great, great grandchild.|1 CONT Also surviving are two sisters, Mrs. Illinois|1 DEAT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Olney, Richland County, Illinois|1 BURI|2 DATE |2 PLAC Mt. Bunting|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Ollie Susan /Bunting/|1 SEX F|1 BIRT|2 DATE 1909|2 PLAC Albion, Edwards Co.Funeral s|1 CONC ervices were largely attended Sunday afternoon at Pleasant Hill church a|1 CONC nd conducted by Rev. a retired drag line operator for Hartwell Ranch, he and his family h|1 CONC ad moved to Hillview from Edwards County.|1 CONT Surviving are two sons, k Cleo of white Hall and Carl of Godfrey; five da|1 CONC ughters, Mrs. Zion Cemetery, Edwards County, Illinois|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|1 NOTE @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] NOTE|1 CONC SERVICES THURSDAY FOR LOUELLA HALLAM|1 CONT Albion Journal, Wed. Illinois|1 DEAT|2 DATE |1 BURI|2 PLAC Samaria Cemetery, Edwards Co., IL|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Nellie Margaret /Bunting/|1 SEX F|1 ALIA /Nellie/|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Albion, Illinois|1 DEAT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Belleville, St.

|0 HEAD|1 SOUR FTW|2 VERS Family Tree Maker 2005 (12.0.337) July 30, 2004|2 NAME Family Tree Maker 2005 for Windows|2 CORP My, Inc.|3 ADDR 360 W 4800 N|4 CONT Provo, UT 84604|3 PHON (801) 705-7000|1 DEST FTW|1 DATE |1 CHAR ANSI|1 SUBM Unknown|1 FILE C:\Family Tree Backup\quaintonbunting071914truncated1. Illinois|1 DEAT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Richland Memorial Hospital, Olney, Illinois|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Anna Lois /Bunting/|1 SEX F|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Hillview, Illinois|1 DEAT|2 DATE JAN 1981|2 PLAC Edwards Co.GED|1 GEDC|2 VERS 5.5|2 FORM LINEAGE-LINKED|1 _SCHEMA|2 INDI|3 _FA1|4 LABL Fact 1|3 _FA2|4 LABL Fact 2|3 _FA3|4 LABL Fact 3|3 _FA4|4 LABL Fact 4|3 _FA5|4 LABL Fact 5|3 _FA6|4 LABL Fact 6|3 _FA7|4 LABL Fact 7|3 _FA8|4 LABL Fact 8|3 _FA9|4 LABL Fact 9|3 _FA10|4 LABL Fact 10|3 _FA11|4 LABL Fact 11|3 _FA12|4 LABL Fact 12|3 _FA13|4 LABL Fact 13|3 _MREL|4 LABL Relationship to Mother|3 _FREL|4 LABL Relationship to Father|2 FAM|3 _FA1|4 LABL Marriage fact|3 _FA2|4 LABL Fact 2|3 _MSTAT|4 LABL Marriage Beginning Status|3 _MEND|4 LABL Marriage Ending Status|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Roland Lee /Bunting/|1 SEX M|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Hiawatha, Brown Co., KS|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Sharon Lynne /Curle/|1 SEX F|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Holly, Oakland Co., MI|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Michelle Lynn /Bunting/|1 SEX F|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Lansing, Michigan|1 OCCU|2 PLAC Teacher, Middle School Math|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Heather Norine /Bunting/|1 SEX F|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Lansing, Michigan|1 OCCU|2 PLAC Medical Doctor|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Nile Delitious /Bunting/|1 SEX M|1 ALIA /Snuffy/|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Edwards Co., Illinois|1 DEAT|2 DATE |2 PLAC West Branch, Mi|1 BURI|2 DATE |2 PLAC Brookside Cemetery, West Branch, MI|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Lorna Norine /Hanson/|1 SEX F|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Grand River, Iowa|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Ramon Lynn /Bunting/|1 SEX M|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Grayling, Crawford Co., Michigan|1 DEAT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Houghton Lake, Michigan|1 BURI|2 DATE |2 PLAC Brookside Cemetery, West Branch, MI|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|1 NOTE @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] NOTE|1 CONC RAMON L. Ni|1 CONC le "snuffy" Bunting, was recovered Saturday from Houghton lake in north ce|1 CONC ntral Michigan|1 CONT He and his brother-in-law, Ron Greene, 38, both of West Branch, Michiga|1 CONC n, were drowneed November 27, of last year when their boat overturned in r|1 CONC ough water and the freezing weather made rescue efforts impractical. Illinois|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME John Thomas /Bunting/|1 SEX M|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Fairfield, Wayne Co. Louis, and several nieces and nephews in th|1 CONC is area.Daulty Bnting of Harisville, Ind., assisted by Rev. Goad.|1 CONT Those from a distance attending the funeral of john H. Clair County, Illinois|2 CAUS Multiple myeloma, cancer of bone marrow|1 BURI|2 DATE |2 PLAC St. Louis County, Missouri|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Ardeth /Wade/|1 SEX F|1 FAMS @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Joseph John /Greene/|1 SEX M|1 FAMS @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME William A. Illinois|1 DEAT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Peoria, Illinois|1 BURI|2 DATE |2 PLAC Greenleaf Cemetery, Farmers City, Illinois|1 _MILT|2 PLAC U. Air Force|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Sadie Matilda /Bunting/|1 SEX F|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Golden Gate, Illinois|1 DEAT|2 DATE |2 PLAC West Branch, Michigan|1 BURI|2 DATE |2 PLAC Brookside Cemetery, West Branch, Michigan|1 FAMS @[email protected]|1 FAMC @[email protected]|0 @[email protected] INDI|1 NAME Clyde Lester /Bunting/|1 SEX M|1 BIRT|2 DATE |2 PLAC Wayne Co.

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