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Bull Terriers, Akitas, Afghans; also a Pekingese and a Fox Terrier 2. Ralph Graff, Betty Matchett, Jane Chopson, Kathy Liebschutz, Ted and Judy Nichols, Diane Collings, Vince Mulligan 4. The movement true, and showmanship going around the ring. Poor temperaments, timidity, shyness, and tails tucked Back 1. Carriage, attitude, substance, overall correct outline. Straight fronts, lack of forechest, short necks Back 1. Strength and power moving around the ring, the proper rectangular head with a stop and not too heavy flews, a well arched neck that blends into smooth shoulders, deep chested, and a hard level back. Council Parker, Carolyn Thomas, Marie Sommershoe 4. Dachshunds, Whippets, Salukis and many other hounds. Major seminars: DJA – Carolyn Thomas, ADSJ – Judy Harrington 4. Towson, Maryland (formerly New York and New Jersey) 3. In ring observation under Gary Newton and Charles Olvis. Unbalanced, unsound movement (Ive Spotted Danes) Back 1. Topline problems are the result of not knowing how to use nutrition and how to rest and exercise a young, developing puppy. My original breed was Great Danes, purchased from Carnell Gurrath in 1968. In 2003, co-bred a litter of Danes with Betty Matchett and got another from Jim and Dorothy Lindbloom. The Great Danes outline; a balanced, square, well developed body; level topline; elegant. A lovely dark almond-shaped eye and dark rims, no sagging eye rims. Great Dane – harlequin, mantle Favorite: Ch Giant Steps Front Page News Other breeds: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Standard Poodle, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Chihuahua 2. “Great” appearance and elegance, friendly temperament 5. Cocker Spaniels, AKC licensed all-breed handler prior to judging 2. Don Carmody, Eric Ringle, Nikki Riggsbee, Vince Mulligan 4.

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John & Jessie Gerszewski, Don Carmody, Carnell Gurrath. Breed type first, well balanced, head, bone, movement, size & elegance. Lack of breed type, lack of size in dogs and bitches (they are supposed to be the Apollo of dogs), poor shoulders & forechest. Breed type, temperament, structural soundness, movement 5. Favorite: Ch Sheron’s Kahlua and Cream Other breeds: American Staffordshire Terriers, Whippets 2. Clare Lincoln, Louise Van Alstyne, Lisa De Roulet 4. Lack of soundness, lack of underjaw, too much length of loin and back Back 1. Solid breed type; healthy/sound construction; Apollo with a correct head, neck, topline; move correctly; balance and correct proportion 5.

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Great Danes (fawn, brindle) Favorites: Ch Mountdania’s Ms Avant-Garde, Ch Calico Rock’s Carly v Win-Jamer, Ch Calico Rock’s Hali v Win-Jamer Other breeds: Newfoundlands 2.

Size, Sound Temperament, Square Structure, Dignity and Stalwart.

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