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11-Jul-2016 02:23

Water any deeper than that was considered too expensive to retrieve, and could remain out of reach for the foreseeable future.While the survey extended to around 10,000 feet, the researchers say that much of the water lies closer to the surface, around 3,000 feet deep.The researchers extended their search to depths of almost two miles beneath the surface and report the presence of large aquifers deep below the ground. California is also home to enticing stores of oil and natural gas, and thousands of wells are currently in operation in the state.

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In drought-stricken California, a new study finds that there is indeed gold “in them thar hills.” The gold here, of course, being none other than fresh water, a resource that may well surpass the shiny yellow metal in terms of value as farmers, corporations and average citizens struggle to absorb the impacts of an historic drought that shows few signs of letting up.A new study by researchers from Stanford University plumbs new depths for hints of useable water and seems to have hit the jackpot.