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The Generals travels also brought him into contact with anti-Castro Cuban exiles, angry at President Kennedy over his perceived failure to support their efforts during the failed invasion at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba.Agent Hosty concluded that the attempt on General Walkers life was likely an internal struggle against him by his right-wing associates. Edgar Hoover, lawyer Roy Cohn, and the late Senator Joseph Mc Carthy, had ridden to public acclaim by revealing their claims that America was under threat of various conspiracies by Communists, domestic and foreign.Two months after the attempt on Walkers life, on June 12th, 1963, Medgar Evers was murdered outside his house by a bullet fired from the rifle of a local resident, Byron De La Beckwith.The killer spent much of his adult life as a member of the racist crime syndicate the Ku Klux Klan.PROLOGUE From the years 1963 to 1981, America was convulsed by a new Age of Assassins, the repercussions of which affect our Society to this very day.Public officials, many of them in law enforcement, became the targets of would-be murderers, whose motivations included racial, political, idealogical, and religious intolerance.

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However, in 1962, just a year prior to his attempted assassination, Walker had Demonstrated at the University of Mississippi in protest of the efforts of Medgar Evers, a civil rights activist, to De-Segregate the school.

Walkers actions instigated a riot in which 2 people were murdered, one being French investigative reporter Paul Guihard. Attorney General Robert Kennedy ordered General Walker incarcerated for causing the riot.