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Anal Dildo: a dildo that is designed to be inserted anally.

Most anal dildos are flared at the base for safety, unlike regular dildos.

Adult Toy Cleaner: a special cleaning solution, usually with antibacterial properties, that is used to clean sex toys. All-inclusive: all services are included under one flat fee, no hidden charges. Amateur: a non professional, part-time sex worker, or a civilian.

Afterglow: a good feeling experienced after sex, especially the feeling of a woman after an orgasm. A2M: an abbreviation for ass-to-mouth, a non-interrupted act in which an object (a penis, a finger or a dildo) is removed from the rectum of one performer and placed into the mouth of that same or another performer. Amazon: a type of woman with a muscular body shape.

Anal Sex: a sexual intercourse involving insertion of the penis or another object into the anus.

Anilingus: kissing or penetrating the anus with the tongue.

This modern coinage derives from comparing sexual current, alternating between homosexuality and heterosexuality , to the initials for the two types electricity: alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).

Adult Toy: a device (like a vibrator or dildo) that is designed to increase sexual pleasure.

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Anal Beads: a string of balls which are designed to be inserted into the anus and pulled out for sexual stimulation.

Some anal beads contain a small vibrator or vibrating egg.