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25-Jun-2016 05:45

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I believe privacy is important in relationships; that’s not to say you can’t express curiosity or doubt or suspicion if that’s what you’re feeling.

If he tells you he’s grabbing a quick drink and is gone for three hours, you have the right to ask about it, something else I also have experienced.

Do I wish I’d remained ignorantly blissful for a little while longer?

Not necessarily, but it was a harrowing way to find out.

But the upkeep of constantly monitoring someone else’s comings and goings sounds arduous, not to mention doesn’t necessarily tell you everything you need to know.

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Just because you find out everything you possibly can about someone, even someone you’re sleeping with or married to.

I know because I once read my boyfriend’s email (while using his computer with his permission) and found out he’d been sleeping with prostitutes while having unprotected sex with me, and promptly broke up with him.