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20-Sep-2015 11:10

“Beloved says yes, you can have 5 more minutes.” Friend 1 laughs, and tells the other kids.

Then later, I come out to get a glass of water, and the girls are all giggling.

And we hoped against hope that our braces wouldn’t lock, and that we wouldn’t drool, and that kissing a boy would be somewhat similar to kissing the back of our hands, or our pillow, or the air in front of the mirror.

She said she refused because she thought it would get E in trouble. I told her it was a good thing, because I would have freaked right out. I laughed and said, “well, that’s just because I’m in the room.” But then I reminded E that I have yelled at her in front of at least two of her friends – when one of the others raised her little hand and said, “you yelled at her in front of me, too! [For clarification: “Yelled at” = reprimand, correct, informing child of unmet standards and expectations. “Yelled at” does NOT = raised voice; bulging veins in the neck; insults; swear words; intimidating behavior.] But the real fun part: The dares.

Beloved and I were in our room, hanging out at our various computers. The girls were playing truth or dare – having given me assurances that there would be no dares involving the removal of clothing, and no truths resulting in hurt feelings.

” “Well, I’ll come check on you at and decide then.” Beloved looks at me like I’m on the moon.

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