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04-Jun-2015 22:50

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Vietnamese parents even were unable to clearly verbalise behaviours or identify examples of child sexual abuse.

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The report finds that of all the groups interviewed, parents had the lowest levels of understanding on the issue of child sexual abuse.The report also finds that children and their families had a limited understanding of what child sexual abuse was and how they could prevent it.The four-country report presents an overview of the findings of four separate surveys conducted in Thailand, Lao, Cambodia and Vietnam between 20.“There are new forms of child sexual abuse that have been appearing together with the boom of technology,” adds Mr Nguyen Khanh Hoi.

One Vietnamese 16-year-old female high school student reported that 20 out of her 200 yahoo IDs on her contact list belonged to strangers whom she now considered as her friends.She gave her mobile phone numbers to five of those strangers, of whom four were male (page 37).“Many children do not understand the risks of using the internet and are unaware that many sex offenders will try to lure children through chat sites.

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The collection is open for research at the society.… continue reading »

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