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She has a unique history that ultimately forced her to venture toward online dating.There might have been a nibble or two every six months or so but I would always end up re-hooking my worm to cast it back into the dating pool.I was not alone in my preconceived notions about online dating. “I think it’s sort of sketchy,” says Josh Bernhard, 24–year-old graduate student in statistics.

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Surprisingly, they were not set up through the site.

Audrey randomly discovered Miles’ profile, which had been active for longer than a year and sent him an electronic wink, notifying him of her interest.

By Clarissa Stoll I always assumed online dating was for desperate middle-aged divorcées — certainly not college-aged students with active social lives like myself.

Walking into my freshman year at Iowa State three years ago, I was absolutely, positively certain there would be men lining up outside my dorm room waiting to ask me out on a date. Actually, I’m fairly modest and make an effort to avoid the typical college scene in Campustown, where men and women can be found engaging in romantic rendezvous on any given night.

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“In college, having an online relationship is not ideal.

I am surrounded by thousands of people, so if my database is better than any online website, I am going to use my resources.” “It’s a good last resort if I were in my thirties,” says freshman in pre-architecture Casey Tiedman. I just haven’t met them yet.” “I wouldn’t use them, and I don’t think it would be useful,” says Debanjan Kumar Ghosh, 20, senior in chemical engineering.