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08-Sep-2016 02:23

If your child plays this game i would do routine checks on their woozworld activity and suprize checks also i would think children 11 and older can play this gamei liked the game it is awesome but there are sometimes games involving older people, and some people are able to say bad words, but if they are being mean you can just block and report them. Sex is used by some users in the way " wanna have mex? Violence is incorporated by gangs, avatars "cursing" out other avatars, bulling : verbal, possibly mental. I ignore them and do the right thing including keeping my personal information to myself and no one else.also people are saying things like "you want to date? Stay away from these type of people and you will enjoy woozworld.Eventually we talked it out, I gave her an outfit, and her friend a wooz & beex donation.

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" and stuff like that, but you can just ignore them. However, language, sex, violence, drugs, and drinking are accumulated somehow. On Woozworld, people say tree for three, or ninja for nine, things like that.

And no matter how many times the mods ban those words, the woozens will find a way to say those numbers.

It starts with them doing normal chores, like getting groceries, looking for a job, etc...… continue reading »

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