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19-Apr-2015 06:15

You can get started now by going to our Getting Started Guide.

There are clubs, brothels, streetcorners and lots of other places in the 3D virtual world where you will meet up with paying customers.

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No experience is required, but previous work as a phone sex operator is helpful.

You can also have a listing up on the Working Girl or Guy directory and have customers contact you and set up appointments outside of the world.

Experienced Working Girls offering voice chat can make from to per one-hour session, and those offering webcam shows make even more!

Guys, unfortunately, will make a little less, but since 60% of Red Light Center’s members are female there’s never a shortage of customers for Working Guys!

Think of it as phone sex or instant message style cybersex with a little something extra!During a regular phone or IM sex session the customer doesn’t have anything to watch or interact with, but with Red Light Center both you and the customer are controlling animated 3D characters inside the virtual world.

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