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In Dead and Gone (1), Drew tells Adam about Bianca signing up for orientation. Drew, wanting to know what Bianca is up to, asks Katie to pair him with Bianca.As Katie introduces the orientation, Drew talks to Bianca about Vince, but she tells him to mind his own business.Starting their relationship not long afterwords, the two went through many dangerous and even deadly trials, but after much drama, Drew proposed to her, making the two engaged.Drew and Katie relationship began in the episode Don't Panic (1), although they shared their first kiss in the episode Mr. They stayed together until Come As You Are (1), but got back together later in the episode, just to break up again in Come As You Are (2) Drew decided he wanted to be with Bianca and wanted to break up with Katie for Bianca but decided it would be best to wait until Katie got out of rehab but he waited until after winter break. Brightside (2), Katie becomes aware of what happened with Vince and his gang.Bianca originally approached Drew while he was with Alli Bhandari and openly flirted with him, even going to the lengths of sending him sexy photos and inviting him to the boiler room for oral sex.Drew, although claiming to be committed to Alli, responded to Bianca's advances, and met her down in the boiler room, where he received a blow job, thus cheating on Alli.

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Prior to season 11, Katie only hated Bianca for her reputation, like most girls at Degrassi.Drew and Bianca began dating in The Way We Get By (1) and broke up in Idioteque.