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After losing her mother, her son, and realizing she put boys before anything - Jenna knew it was time to grow up, so she became less shallow through her friendship with Becky and relationship with Connor. reports the coach for his inappropriate behavior and tells Jenna that she was right about him. In In Your Eyes, Clare wants to be more friendlier with Jenna and K. again,although it mainly seems like a scheme to win K. Jenna lies, saying she can't because she has no shirt underneath, when she was actually trying to hide her baby bump. Lisa tells Jenna that's it hard to raise a child and offers to help out financially, but Jenna rejects her offer, convinced that she'll win Next Teen Star and receive a recording contract. Later on Next Teen Star, Jenna is in the bottom two for the second time in a row. She then continues, saying it's after school, an hour long, heavily chaperoned with dress code still in effect, and Jenna becomes uninterested. Chantay is hesitant because she knows about Holly J. After, in the music room, Sav sits her down and tells her that they're not dating. C., Bianca, Drew, Sadie, and Dave are sitting at The Dot. This results in Bianca walking out with Drew is defending her. Jenna implies that she's coming off too strong and Becky apologizes saying that it's hard to make new friends.

Although it has been close to a year after her pregnancy, she is still working and slowly succeeding in finding her old self. In Just Can't Get Enough, Jenna is a new transfer student trying to finish her second semester at Degrassi. the key to his hotel room so he and Jenna can have some alone time. Jenna becomes disturbed, and she leaves the hotel room. decides to tell Jenna the truth, saying that he spent the night in the hotel room with the coach,and had some beers. The next day, Jenna is interviewed at her school by the show. Deal with it." Later on in the computer lab, Jenna is on the Next Teen Star website, looking at comments that say people wish her the very best with her and her baby, and that they will vote for her. Jenna then learns she put Sav and Holly J.'s relationship in jeopardy after she sees Sav sitting on the steps of Degrassi and talks to him about their situation. finds her, telling her that he wants to get back together with her. All Alli knows is that she likes musicals and gave Dave a pamphlet but encourages Jenna to go anyway.

Being the bubbly, involved student that she is, Jenna was a part of the Power Squad at her school and joined the Degrassi Student Council. tells her that she should be thanking Coach Carson, because He is the one who inspired him to end things wit Clare. In Start Me Up, Clare mentions her to Alli when she says she wants to go to the mall instead of watching Jenna and K. Jenna then jokes around that some viewers might like that though, and Haley replies with "Whatever gets you more votes! Chantay tells her that she's bland, and in order to win Next Teen Star, Jenna needs to bring the drama. talks at Jenna about how she revealed that she was pregnant on television, angry that Jenna didn't inform him nor did she ask him if she could announce her pregnancy on TV, knowing his mother watches. Lisa has her doubts, but Jenna leaves The Dot, angry at both K. She is eliminated over her competitor, Andy, and is devastated by the news. that he doesn't have to be involved if he doesn't want to. Sav asks Jenna to do a duet with him at the dance because Simpson is allowing school bands to play, and she agrees, saying no one would ask her to the dance anyway. Jenna realizes that she's being stupid and it may be her pregnancy coming to her head. In The Way We Get By (1), Jenna is in the crowd with Sadie cheering at a basketball game. C., Jenna and Drew are talking about going over to K. Bianca attempts to make conversation, but ends up getting into a dispute with Jenna and K. Jenna mentions that she was once the new girl and says she'll think about it.

Unfortunately, once Jenna became pregnant and gave her baby up for adoption, she lost the bubbly side of her. invites Jenna up to the room, and they make out for a few minutes until Coach Carson walks in. " After they finish talking, Jenna then starts to walk off the stage, but before she goes, Haley gives her a tip, and tells her that winning Next Teen Star it isn't about the singing. As a result, Jenna announces on National TV that she's expecting a baby. Jenna gets upset and walks away from him, telling him "I'm looking after me now. Jenna is extremely worried because her life depended on winning Next Teen Star. C.'s mom, and Lisa tells her that she'll be by her side throughout her pregnancy. Later, Jenna is seen seating beside Sav and complaining about her pregnancy, cramps, and K. She starts freaking out, and Sav has to calm her down. C.'s for a party, but Drew doesn't want to go because he doesn't have a girlfriend. C., Jenna, Drew, and his new girlfriend Bianca are talking about going out together. At the Bhandari house, she is seen on Face Range looking at Becky's profile and asks Alli about her.

Her father is constantly absent while working out west as a trucker, and it is mentioned that Jenna's mom is deceased, while her half-brother, Kyle, moved back to Alberta. needs help studying for the final exam, Clare feels it is the perfect opportunity to become friends again. Jenna opens it to see Eli outside, and she allows him in so he could have a talk with Clare, saying "Speak of the devil! tells her not to name it Kevin, because that is his father name. After the party, Jenna is singing and sweeping the floor when Holly J. Jenna reveals that she is falling for someone, and reveals that it's Sav. seems to be shocked by the news tells Jenna that she and Sav are seeing each other. Throughout the episode, she continues to be there for her friend, and struggles watching her go what she went through last year.Jenna is a very talented singer and songwriter, which led her to become a contestant on Next Teen Star, although she was eventually voted off the show. " In Don't Let Me Get Me (1), Jenna is seen rehearsing the song she will be performing on the next episode of "Next Teen Star". In Halo (1), Jenna is seen at the entrance all happy. Jenna insists Sav will go for her, no matter what Holly J. In Halo (2), in the morning, her and Chantay are trying to get people to buy a wish star. walks up to them and starts talking to Jenna, thinking that she's falling for Sav and he's falling for her. Later, Jenna attends Alli's acceptance party, and she is listed as one of the important people to Alli, who helped her get to where she is now.

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