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06-Sep-2015 20:20

Of course that’s no comfort for you, but it’s the reality of being broken up.You asking her if she’s seeing someone else or interested in another guy could mean two things 1) you’re jealous (and if that was a problem in the relationship before then it means you have not changed) or 2) you’re putting pressure on her when she’s not ready (and that could cause her to suggest you don’t see/contact each other again – at least not now).That’s not to say, you completely ignore the possibility of there being someone else.

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I want to know if it is wise or if there is a good way to ask if she is seeing someone else, interested in another guy or does it not really matter?

I mean it does bother me to see she can just move on so easily. Yangki’s Answer: I understand that it’s driving you nuts.

My question is: Can I ask my ex if she is seeing someone else and if she is, what do I do?

The last time I tried asking her personal questions it became emotionally heated and the date ended badly.

That said, if it bothers you that much, you can ask and if she says she’s dating someone else, make sure you don’t react negatively there and then.

This is where problems usually begin; not in the asking, but in the reaction to the answer.