Sheryl crow dating eric clapton

01-Mar-2016 21:30

EC was known in the '60's as the best white Blues guitarist bar none.

In fact in England they called him God...would graffiti it all over the place.

I have always liked the song but now that my boyfriend has passed away I just cant pull myself away from this song. I think that Clapton i one of the 3 great guitarists. Clapton has the best style with the guitar, he is truly a blues guitarist.

Page is of course better at guitar than clapton, but his stlye is not as good.

I like then both for different reasons, but i think clapton is second best.

Eric is such a diverse guitar player, he can make a subtle sound one second and the next thing you know hes shredding like there is no tomarrow, and he is not even comparable to any other guitar player, there is no limit to music but he is closer than anyone I gaurentee! well well, yeah he played with George Harrison in '71 at the Concert for Bangladesh at Madison Square Garden along with Leon Russel, Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, and Ravi Shankar Some of Clapton's Best Work is from 1965 to 1969 (The yardbirds, The Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith).

He lost his son Conor to a terrible accident around that same time.

He played in Derek and the Dominos, early 70's with the legendary slide guitarist Duane Allman. Since then he's mainly headed his own bands with various musicians.In 1994 he put out "From the Cradle", an excellent record of all-Blues covers, and toured in support.

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