Shinhwa dating style

17-Jun-2015 08:40

Junjin and Yoon Jin Yi were spotted spending a vacation together in Singapore.

The rumours are spreading rapidly online as they were seen enjoying their trip by many citizen, on October 21st Kpopmap met up with ASTRO to celebrate their 3rd mini-album, “Autumn Story”, and we cover their showcase from start to finish!

Forgoing their summer Sprite-idol images, the boys opened up their showcase with their sub-track titled, ‘Love’.

Dressed in red and yellow school uniforms, the boys stood in a line as they sang their hearts out with this beautiful ballad.

Today, Shinhwa Company made the statement, "Unlike the information that was published previously, what we confirmed with Eric turned out to be different and we would like to apologize.After confirming with the two, they are not in a dating relationship." One media announced that Eric and Na Hye Mi have been in a dating relationship for a long time now.ASTRO hosted their showcase for “Autumn Story” at the Il Chi Art Hall in Seoul on November 10, 2016.The sprite-idols returned with another mini-album jam packed with tracks that perfectly fit the crisp new Fall season.

They had said, "Eric and Na Hye Mi did date in the past, but we aren't sure if this is still true.Shinhwa’s Junjin and actress Yoon Jin Yi reps denies dating rumors.