Shyness dating tips

07-Feb-2016 05:06

There are people who prefer the peace and quiet of being alone.

But there are also others who like to interact with the opposite sex but just do not know how to.

I think it is that I am afraid to look or say something “un-cool”. But what can I possibly gain by going into the experience like I’m a nervous college graduate interviewing for a job? I know there’s a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk, but I’m telling you – if you go into each date with the assumption of success, you’re more likely to have real success.

I feel like I am now going through what most people go through in High School or College, but at a later time. As you can tell from your own expreience, the worst thing you can do is worry about what you’re going to say. All you can do is recognize your mistakes and attempt not to repeat them. “No…actually I don’t.” I thought about it some more. Worrying has never helped anybody become a better date. Instead of thinking that you’re the nervous college graduate, pretend that you’re the boss – confident, secure, not determined to impress. The best advice I can give about how to “be” on a date is this: Think about the people in the world with whom you’re most comfortable. Dear Jessica, There is never MORE to talk about than when you know absolutely NOTHING about someone. Fear being uncool, and you may actually become uncool. Just know that the more you tie yourself up with worry, the less likely you are to be your authentic self. “I just figure that if I’m being myself on the date, and you don’t like me, there’s not much I can do about it. Your mom, your high school friend, your sister, whatever.