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17-Jan-2016 18:58

But when August hits, I switch to drinking only water. My older brother started when he was 5, so I’d throw the skates on. But then after a few years, I fell in love with it. He’s clearly delighted that we’re here to talk to Bennett. Describe Beau Bennett to someone who doesn’t care about hockey, like my grandmother. He put his i Pod on before the game the other day, and we had to skip a few songs. You’re upright, and you’re holding on to handles and your feet are on pedals. This summer was the first time for that experience. So that means none of California’s famous In-N-Out burgers? We call him Drizzy because he listens to a lot of [hip-hop artist] Drake. And you have to “climb” 1,000 feet in three minutes. Your buddy James told me he gets frozen meals shipped to him because he can’t cook. I’m naturally skinny, so I don’t go overboard with watching what I eat. We’ll miss Cooke, but I’m sure Neal will make up for it. One time, everything in our hotel room was pushed up against the wall.

I didn’t grow up hating the Flyers, but once I was drafted here and knew the culture, I just … You were up and down from Pittsburgh to Wilkes-Barre last season. I just come out of the games a little more bruised than usual. When I first got called up, I drove to Pittsburgh with Billy Guerin. I mean, it’s not exactly a fun drive, especially when you’re by yourself, so it was good to ride with Billy. With most people, five hours would seem like a lot of talking, but Billy loves to tell stories. Matt Cooke, the team’s undisputed chirper, has departed.

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