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Okay, there are a few: Patty O'day, Kerry and Dana Laughlin, Steve Caldwell, Frank Montoya, Larry Denston, Dave Tweedie, Roger Pfab, Mike Phillips, Walt Bell, Gary Lindmeier Charlie and Charlotte Bates, Brad and Judy Solem and Al Lane. I made friends with several of the US guys, but lost contact when I moved to London.

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Thank you Steven Winslet, my mothers surname at the time. I was station at Chicksands 1964- 1967 2167th Comm SQ. Roomies and buddies Hutch, Scrill the surfer, Cuda, John Miller and Party girls in town Patty Dodd, Jean Nicholson, Linda Hall and so many more, those were good free times. I used the e-mail account he posted in 06 but no response yet. I was friends with Dave Wehr, Mike Binsfeld and "Tiny" from St Louis. It would be nice to hear from anyone who knew me or remembers me. NETBill Grayson (29/3/16) The Chicksands history book's availability is questioned on this site from time to time.

[email protected] Tracie Chance (2/8/16) I'm looking for my dad name Jean Charles and then I think he worked at the golden egg restaurant Bradford that's all I no if it's true never seen him before and I'm 45 years old . If memory serves me correctly, I was on Charlie flight. Roomies were Len Butler who also worked behind the bar at the airmans club...called and spoke to him after 49 years... Were all so much older now with lives and memories of our own but those Chicksands memories remain! Thanks, Kirk Fleener Cell: 210-556-5301 [email protected] Whitson (3/5/16) I was a dependent child at RAF Chicksands from 1972--1975. Joe Whitson, worked at the "birdcage" and my mother worked at the Legal Office. My father died in 1982, and my mother died four years ago. Would love to hear from anyone who knows my father or my mother Joyce. The book is out of print and rare "new" copies are listed on for between 7 and 2.