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26-Mar-2015 03:03

And then you'll bump into him when one of you is looking down at your phone and the other is observing a sign on a window, and you will literally crash into each other on Park Avenue at 7 p.m.10. If you don't have a date lined up, you'll be so exhausted from a long work week that you'll find nothing sweeter than spending Friday night crashing on your couch, eating anything you can find in your pantry.11. Most people in this city are on more than one dating site, or have tried more than one dating site/app, and therefore the more of them you go on, the more people you'll start to "think" you know when you're out.

Two drinks each in this city will cost more than you probably make in an hour and that appetizer you ordered costs more than your grocery bill for the week.6.

If you're Jewish (#Challah), you won't even have a say in this.

Your aunt in Westchester, your rabbi from middle school or a girl you went to Jewish summer camp with at age 7 will call you up out of the blue to let you know that they gave your number to an Adam or a Shumlik, perhaps a Jacob who lives on the Upper West Side., they'll tell you 18 reasons why he's the one for you -- including the intimate details of his financial situation or how he'll be just perfect for you to bring back home with you to Boca Raton, Florida for Passover seder.

Once the people you bump into in the city stop asking why you're still single, they'll start asking you if you'd like to meet every other single person they know.

If you're single (and you know it), someone else will always be clapping their hands for you.

Sure, you'll meet a lot of new people here, but you won't want to date most of them.

Many of those people will seem more like fictional characters your friends back home will swear you made up for the sake of an epic story.5. When the bill comes, neither one of you can really afford to pay it.