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02-May-2016 04:38

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We don’t really like those children’s books about gay dads.

Gay dads, like all dads, like to cuddle up at bed-time and read the kids a story.

But the older the kids get, the harder it is to sell that the bear in the dress who thinks the porridge is too cold… Threading some slimy earthworm onto a hook and sitting for hours on a bug-infested pond waiting for the tug of a fish will just make me lose my patience, and will have any fun. We give of thought to how (and when) we’ll answer the question: “Daddy, where did I come from?

is actually another bear dude who likes to cross-dress. If gay dads don’t feel like chasing the kids or pushing a swing, we may set out a blanket with a book or an i Pad and call that home base. ” Both my kids were part of an “open adoption.” Open adoptions are a wonderful opportunity for a birth mom to decide where her baby will be placed.

But almost every single example of a fairy tale or children’s book involves a traditional family with one mother and one father, or a princess and a prince. Well, the problem is, they’re gay dads, and they always say something to the effect of, “Some people have two daddies, and some people have two mommies.” That’s about the extent of creativity in same-sex parent bedtime stories. But for me, it’s only when it involves strolling through a crafts fair or flea market.

Or — better yet — turn our activities into fun for them: “Hey kids! Let’s bring your scooters and helmets and build an obstacle course in the alley behind the store! It’s good to work with a family services agency that will advocate for the birth mom as well as the couple. One of us is not “the mom.” Gay dads are often faced with the question from uninformed breeders: “which one of you is ‘the mom?We found this made everyone feel a lot more comfortable during a process that can, at times, be tense and emotional. We’re quite possibly the best friends these gals will ever have. ’” In traditional families — ones with one mother and one father — each parent takes on certain roles dictated by instinct or evolution or just years of societal imprinting. Except maybe if one of the dads were to turn into a woman. Other than this stuff, we’re just like every other kind of dad.So regardless of how you became a family — it’s important to talk about adopted kids with a same level of love and respect. It’s amazing how much the moms on the school yard like to flirt with the gay dads. I often find the dads are just as solicitous of the gay dad attention as the moms. In a home with two dads, both take on both roles — at different times. Our kids wake up their sleepy-eyed, bed-headed selves, and it’s up to us to make their transformation! Put-together without looking like we tried too hard. Women on planes prefer giving advice to gay dads than watch an in-flight movie. And this includes adopted kids that aren’t your own. Hard to pinpoint the root of _Will & Grace _syndrome… And while neither of us, as far as I know, had the ability to breastfeed, we developed our nurturing instincts during those crucial bottle-feeding years. Kids love to be tickled and flipped, flown and swung around by their dads. One of our favorite games is “sack of potatoes” where we lift the kids on our backs or around our necks and drag them like sacks, giggling hysterically as we pretend to drop them on “the heap! What is it about a “before-and-after” that we gays find so satisfying? As long as the kids let us, we’re happy to pick out their clothes, making sure the leggings pick up a hint of some color in the top — and perhaps a sweater-vest over the t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans for our sons? Then there’s a bit of a daddy-brawl over who gets to brush their hair.

except that we have so much in common with so many of the moms. We can talk endlessly about carpools and the best places for our kids to take gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do. And two dads will yin-yang the roles they play in their kids’ lives, see-sawing the “mom” duties and the “dad” duties as necessary. ” In our house, however, the game takes on a certain, let’s call it panache. Let’s face it: we were jealous of our sisters who spent hours brushing their Barbies’ hair. The kids clasp their hands around Daddy’s neck and I walk around, dragging them from side to side, pretending to wear the latest in super-chunky jewelry. It’s the biggest diamond in the world and it’s called...

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