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She had a warm relationship with her father, while her mother assumed the role of disciplinarian.

It was a shock for the young Ursula when her father disappeared out of her life when she was only eleven.

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This gave Ursula an important emotional outlet because she was basically a shy girl and acting gave her a chance to explore sides of her nature which she usually kept under wraps. She would later recall the time she swooned over the love scenes in Camille when Greta Garbo was in the arms of an extremely handsome young actor named Robert Taylor.At fifteen Ursula was forced to leave school due to the Nazi government's compulsory labor policies, forcing even young girls to enter the work force.A studio contract followed, but actually her own idea of the greatest career of all was to simply be a wife and mother.She was born Ursula Schmidt on May 15, 1924 in Hamburg, Germany.

Ursula, to help earn money for herself and her mother, got a job cleaning the apartment building where they lived.

The next big change in Ursula's life came when her mother got a divorce and then married a Shakespearean actor.

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