Six laws of relative dating

24-Oct-2015 13:21

No filing fees Transmission to Law Enforcement Copy of order transmitted to appropriate local law enforcement agency Civil Liability N/A ARIZONA Code Section 13-3602 Activity Addressed by Order Enjoined from committing acts of domestic violence; excluded from dwelling, place of employment, school; participation in domestic violence counseling; prohibition from possession of a firearm Duration 1 year; a modified order expires 1 yr.

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Six states allow imposition of protective orders for up to three years, and three other states limit them to just 90 days.Ohio has enacted a law that sets the duration of a protective order at five years, the longest of any state. Although most states impose a maximum one year sentence and a ,000 fine, eight states require mandatory jail time for violating a protective order.Virtually all states require transmission of protective orders to local law enforcement agencies.Twelve states require transmission within 48 hours.

Protective orders are usually temporary measures that the court uses in order to remedy suspected destructive activity while the parties gather and present evidence showing that a more permanent remedy is required.Protective orders may sometimes be granted that is without the presence of the party being effected, but only when there is substantial evidence that the party applying for the order is under an imminent threat of injury or when there is good evidence that an order of the court will be violated.