Sixth date dating

15-Mar-2015 14:35

What my flatmate does provide is an insight into the male psyche – in a way that no one you have sex with ever will. Despite sexual liberation happening before my generation was even born, this view is still kicking about, as articulated by a friend recently: "What do you call a key that opens all locks? What do you call a lock that can be opened by all keys?

Despite my mother's friend referring to him as my "live in lover" – it sounds more glamorous than lodger apparently – this is not a Jackie Collins-esque set-up.

And good for her – if that's what she's looking for.

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He continued: "When a woman doesn't or refuses to have sex with a guy on a first date I think it not only makes the guy respect her – even though he outwardly might be annoyed – it also makes him more attracted to her and want her even more." Compounding the issue is the fact that dating culture simply doesn't exist in the UK as it does in other countries.In the US it is normal for men to approach women they don't know in bars in the hope of a date.My flatmate, a well educated, well mannered, modern man with three sisters, admitting that men subconsciously categorise women and who sleep with someone after the first date 'that kind of girl' is the tip of the iceberg it seems.I used Facebook to conduct some informal market research and either I need new friends or there needs to be radical culture shift before we can truly consider ourselves sexually liberal – and equal.

Sh*t." Of course it's not a new concept – what our mothers called "retaining an air of mystery" my clued-up female friends call "playing the game".

But why – in the age post Sex and the City, that barometer of dating acceptability – are amorous men 'legends' and women 'sluts'?