Skype dating

07-May-2015 05:26

Your creative and meaningful uses for Skype never cease to amaze us. While they met and started dating the old-fashioned way, life took them in different directions and it became clear that they needed some tools to help them stay connected across the miles.

So, when we heard about these bi-coastal love birds, we had to get the scoop on how the app helped make their long-distance relationship flourish. It turns out, both Dee and Gary had experience using Skype, so it was natural to start with the app they were already familiar with.

Over time however, they discovered features that they hadn’t used much before, and came up with other ways to use Skype to help them feel closer.

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Surprise each other: Dee thought she would surprise Gary by wearing a new red dress for their Valentine’s Day video call.

Dee and Gary’s longest Skype call was five hours on a Saturday. With all these great ways to keep their relationship going during the months they’re apart, we asked Dee if she had any advice for other long-distance couples and here is how she summed it up: Well, they must be doing something right, because they are now engaged to be married. We love to hear about how Skype helps people stay close, even when they’re far away.

Cook, exercise and meditate together: They just move their laptops around with them at home so they can do many of the activities they would normally do together.

They even go grocery shopping together and use the Skype for mobile app to decide on ingredients.

Even if they couldn’t go out for a nice dinner together, she enjoyed dressing up and looking her best for him.

And, not to be outdone in the romance department, Gary surprised Dee by having a bottle of champagne and dinner from her favorite restaurant, delivered to her home.