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16-Nov-2014 00:07

Although appearing as politically opposite, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are dark mirrored images of each other.

Each candidate is equally committed to take America into the New World Order, despite their supposed differences.

This DVD is one deserving of discerning Christians buying in bulk and giving away to friends, family and co-workers.

We must take advantage of this election opportunity to reach out with the true Gospel and Biblical message to the unsaved and the deceived Christian.

In this dynamic and powerful audio CD, documentary filmmaker Chris Pinto explores the issue of Freemasonry in the Church, and how this secret society is working to change the Gospel and undermine the Christian faith.

As explained by the author, Noah Hutchings, there is evidence that the Great Pyramid also incorporates a prophetic timetable for coming events, including the coming Tribulation and the return of Jesus Christ.

SEE THE TRAILERKenya Places Laboratories On High Alert On Uganda Ebola Outbreak Namibian women were sterilized without consent, judge rules Personal care products found to increase diabetes risk by 60 percent in women Common OTC acid blockers may worsen cognitive impairment in the elderly Statin drugs: A sweetheart to die for No Injuries as IDF Force Attacked with Mortars Romney: Borders will be decided by Israel, PA After Bus Bombing, Bulgarias Ties With Israel Are at Risk Fate of Syrian Chemical Weapons May Trigger War US sees Israel, tight Mideast ally, as spy threat Israel's cabinet approves austerity package to curb deficit When Turkey's Weirdest Televangelist Met Sean Ali Stone - Isalmic preacher discusses the return of Mahdi, the Ark of the Covenant (now at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee), and manna (stockpiled and supplied by Freemasons) with the Muslim son of Oliver Stone Gunmen storm Yemen ministry, seize Italian Carabinieri Crude arrives at Yemen refinery after 9-month halt Political crisis over, Yemen now faces a lack of food Tunisia: Hardline Islam threatens democracy gains Defense Secretary Panetta visits Tunisia, says Syria's Assad will fall CFR propaganda: The Amazing Integration of Latin America New Maya Temple Found in Guatemala Intrigues Archaeologists World's deadliest country: Women's murder rate skyrockets in Honduras Dutch firms win contract to study possibility of Nicaragua canal to rival Panama Expanded Panama Canal a plus for the Port of New Orleans Colombia's Nasa caught by endless war Power Shift: Venezuelas Chavez is Gaining Ground Argentinas new oil rules worse than nationalisation Pays death leaves leadership gap in Cuba dissident movement thats hard to fill Dissidents doubt Cuban report on fatal crash This book reveals the detailed blueprints for President Obamas second term in office.

Obama's re-election theme of creating jobs conceals more than it reveals about his real agenda for a second term, the 'progressive' program to complete the fundamental transformation of America during the next four years.

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Filled with stunning revelations: 1) Plans for a 'New Deal'-style overhaul of the economy; 2) Creation of a National Infrastructure Development Bank to oversee government control of the financial system; 3) Massive, government-run jobs program to coincide with 'paycheck fairness'; 4) Full amnesty for illegal aliens; 5) De-funding of the U. military while channeling Pentagon money to 'clean' energy initiatives; a new, multi-billion dollar 'green' stimulus; 6) Implementing Obamacare in measures nearly impossible to reverse Iran's birth control policy sent birthrate tumbling - In the late '80's, "Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran's supreme leader, issued fatwas making birth control widely available and acceptable to conservative Muslims"What is a citizen to do?

Americans are being forced to decide between a modern-day Stalin or a new American Ayatollah.

As I thanked him and made to leave he begged me (hands in prayer) to stay for another coffee. " The point is, it's terrifyingly easy to build a rapport with someone online, particularly if you have shared interests, but there's no substitute for real world chemistry.… continue reading »

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But then, as you noticed and tried not to notice you were noticing, he was snippy to the waitstaff and left an underwhelming tip. He might have made charming conversation and looked meaningfully into your eyes, but if this relationship progresses, sister, someday you're going to be the one bringing him a plate of spaghetti and getting the stink eye.… continue reading »

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CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora joined Baskin & Phelps Wednesday to give brief thoughts on the Presidential election, the danger of going 0-16 even with a top pick in the draft, and not being high on saviors at QB in the next NFL draft.… continue reading »

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