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02-Jan-2016 18:43

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I repeat NOTHING to fall back on.3)Your cam model is NOT REAL!!!

So if you think you she is your girlfriend or your best friend... Thats not her REAL name you call her by, her REAL email you get to send her mails on. 5) Every cent you spend on tokens or coins or whatever ...

and you don't have to pay them for the privilege.2) Your cam model is not 'perfect' or a 'goddess' or 'deserves every single token she gets' - she is a poor, third world refugee who probably grew up impoverished. She has discovered her only asset in life is her vagina and her looks.

Once they go.'perfect angel on earth' (yes, I have read guys talking like that in cam rooms) will be an ugly old hag with nothing..

just types "hi" "LOL" "OMG" etc and that is the extent of her interaction.

But more than that I HATE the sycophantic virgin fucks who spend thousands of $$ a day on her, always commenting how perfect she amazing personality she has.. basically encouraging others models that its OK to get on cam and do NOTHING!!!

you have never seen her without make up on.met her family probably aren't even good enough to be her FACEBOOK friend.4) If you lost your job tomorrow, she would be gone the next day.. all those tips you send that make you feel like The Man of to get a reaction from her...

no more sweet flirty emails, or free skype conversations.. "oh, but MY model friend she's not like that...she's real and honest and.." SHUT THE FUCK UP!! to get her attention for that spilt second in a room full of 500 other guys.... If she works in a studio.another 25% goes to the studio owner!

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here's a wake up call to all you dumb fucks who think the cam model you just gave money to to NOT get naked is REAL!

1) there are women in your real life who won't let you see them naked..