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15-Aug-2016 05:20

This tipsy, bubble-blowing little yellow guy can help you get your post across without also looking like a sweaty, flushed mess. (bug): This shows a small black bug lying on its back with its legs waving helplessly in the air.

Do you feel limited by the sweet but over-used 🙂 emoticon on Skype?

Looking for something slightly more edgy to express yourself?

More than once when Mike and I have been chatting on skype, a well-used emoticon has conveyed something surprising and non-verbal and made me laugh.

That’s happened most often when one of us has used one of the hidden skype emoticons.

If so, this post about hidden skype emoticons is for you.

It shows a little growly face repeatedly banging its head against a brick wall.

It is a great illustration of how I feel on those days when I’ve been single parenting a toddler all day long. (swear): The furrowed brow on this little yellow face is underlined by a scrolling tickertape full of symbols.

When I first read that, all that resounded in my head was a great big sarcastic “duh”.

But then I started actually thinking about emoticons.

Skype tube-50

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Here’s a look at some of those that might come in handy for you on Skype.

Unfortunately I can’t cut and paste them into this post in all their animated glory, so you’re just going to have to go on over to Skype and check out what these actually look like yourself (that, or use some of them tonight on your unsuspecting long distance partner and check them out that way). Once you’re in Skype just take the bolded word I’ve listed below in brackets, cut and paste the whole lot (brackets included) and press enter. (headbang): I think this is my most-used unconventional emoticon.