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The amount of conversation, laughter and emotion, among both friends and those who have never met each other before, is vastly greater and louder after a race than before.

Swimmers talk about their common experiences and the level of camaraderie and mutual respect are tremendously enhanced.

The 3-time Olympic medalist from Beijing qualified again for the 2012 USA Olympic Team in Omaha and is looking very good for continued Olympic success in London.

While her fellow pool elite athletes were conserving energy and tapering for the high-pressure Olympic Trials, Soni was reportedly mellowing out near her home in Manhattan Beach, California, and casually swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

One of her fellow American gold medalists, Gary Hall Jr., also understood and appreciates the soothing feeling and renewed energy that can come with an immersion in the Big Blue.

Getting inspired by the shoreline and ocean ambiance is nothing new to open water swimmers or Dr. Nichols, a sea turtle biologist who connects neuroscience with the ocean and researches how the brain's emotional center is lit up by open water.

Soni wrote Ten Tips for a Great Swim for the Waikiki Roughwater Swim: 1) Preparation is everything.

To educate, entertain, and enthuse those who venture beyond the shore.

Soni pulled off arguably the greatest upset at the 2008 Olympics with a gold-medal victory in the 200-meter breaststroke.

According to one of her USC coaches, Catherine Vogt, she is also awesome in the open water.

His BLUEMi ND research takes him to meet fishermen and to coastal villages where he encounters people with a common appreciation for the ocean’s beauty, abundance and mysteries.

"We have the power of happiness on our side," is a comment that is easily understood by the open water swimming community and the clearly happy and optimistic Soni.

The empirical evidence to prove this point is overwhelming - across borders, cultures, ages, generations, genders and bodies of water.Check out the decibel level of an open water swimming event at the start of a race and the completion of a race.

Especially things you should ask routinely as the duration of training, on the coast, etc.… continue reading »

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