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02-May-2016 14:19

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It's been well shown that PS4 sells more games over the X1.

If not, the conclusions of the poll are useless for discussion.

The poll also didn't say they played more games, just played them longer on average than the PS4 player did.

but according to a recent gamers poll, the PS4 is not THE place to play, like sony advertises. going down as the geandest imitators this world has ever seen. @bullymangler First off a poll doesn't mean squat. Sure /S "A few great exclusives" - OMG, you are obviously a troll in a fanboy's clothing.

Sure sony exclusives are some of the greatest exclusives ever made But studies showed that Xb1, and wii U are more addicting than ps4, according to the poll. I used to take surveys for York University in Toronto. And your just obviously trolling, because your butt hurt and can't accept the truth. There are not enough words to describe how wrong you really are. Care to link that poll...because if it's the one I think you're talking about, nothing was said about them owning all the consoles.

Doesn't matter if you don't like ps4 more than the "competition" because millions and millions of others prefer it over the other devices. Oh yeah, it's sold more than double that of the competition because some people just buy PS4 so they can look at it and not actually use it.

so (((just because more lolipops bought his albums, this means That Justin is more skills))) ? khh ps4 has blue ray, and number 4 at end of playstation = sa Les! Doesn't matter that we think JB is a retard which music is trash because there a millions and millions who dig him.

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Now compare your poll, which you haven't sourced btw (could be made up). Maybe if you compared that to a specific game it would make sense. Just means that those who took the poll played those systems more on average, and it'd make sense since there are less users on the X1 and Wii U, so more chance of casuals on the PS4.

Best corollary I can give is when Ubisoft(I believe) said that X1 users on average spend more per game(for DLC/MT).

The reason for that was because there were fewer players to take a sample from.

It also begs the question, did you pay for access for the methodology and full conclusions of the poll?

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So there are more people who enjoy ps4 more than there are people who enjoy Xbox/ Wii u. It shows that there are more people who enjoy Justin beiber than there are people who enjoy your favourite artist.