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Pip Brignall (LI 2002-07) is starring in a new play, “Think of England”, touring the country with Anonymous is a Woman Theatre Company.“It’s the Summer of 1943, Bette and Vera travel the country hosting tea dances for RAF fighter pilots stationed nearby.Emily has now launched a crowdfunder to raise funds to enable Ourmala to grow and to work with the British Red Cross to help some of the unaccompanied child refugees coming to the UK from the camps in Calais.So far £6,600 of the £7,200 target has been reached."We need a more considered approach to using social media for social justice," says writer and activist.After she was the victim of an assault in London, Wells published a letter to her attacker in a student newspaper that went viral and sparked the #Not Guilty campaign against sexual violence and victim-blaming.You may have read about Emily Brett (LI 1994-96) in last year’s Marlburian Club magazine and the Charity she founded, Ourmala.Ourmala works with refugees and those seeking asylum to help them integrate into UK Society and rebuild their lives through yoga.

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She asks: "Please would you help us by pledging and / or sharing this link with your network and asking them to do the same?

The more people pledge quickly, the more people will see our project and the more likely it is we'll be able to reach our goal and possibly raise even more so we can help more people in 2017."Click here for the crowdfunder page or visit to find out more about Ourmala and their work visit their website. Ione Wells (EL 2007-2013) has given a powerful TED talk, discussing her experience of assault and the social media campaign which followed.

In this moving talk, she describes how sharing her personal story gave hope to others and delivers a powerful message against the culture of online shaming.

Click here., a play based on the works of Charles Hamilton Sorley (C1 1908-13), will transfer to Trafalgar Studios 2 following a successful run at the Finborough Theatre in west London.

What the locals don’t know is that the dance is a cover for the girls’ real purpose; to send the men off to fight having experienced all of life’s pleasures.” Audiences will be invited to attend the tea dance just as they would have done in 1942 and the play comes alive all around them.

The tour starts Wednesday 9th November, full dates and locations can be found here.