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30-Sep-2015 19:15

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The sturdy scooter only comes in jet black or vanilla white, but who cares if it’s just going to get covered in dirt from all your wild journeys anyway?Have you heard of the new car that costs two dollars or less to fill up?It lets you drive on a beautiful, sunny day without boxing you in. While cars prove to be rather large investments, scooters serve you just fine (if not better) than a car for the mean time.[It rides] decently smooth,” Florida State University alumnus Marissa Weisse said.The seat gives you room for two, so put your friend on the back and explore your college town for the day.With wind in your hair and the sun out giving your arms a fresh tan, you’ll feel invincible. The Honda 2016 Metropolitan’s stylish and retro look makes any driver ready to slay the streets.

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Not that you won’t be turning heads with its innovative design anyway. Hop on a Yamaha Zuma and spend your day driving across town or off-roading—the scooter can handle it.You won’t have to stop and get gas every 100 miles either because this tough scooter holds 1.2 gallons of gas and gets 132 miles per gallon. Or maybe not, considering you can only get up to 45 or 50 mph.