Speed dating events in bangalore dating married older woman

19-Aug-2015 08:03

Encouraged by the overwhelming response from Mumbai’s singles, Maha Khan, one of the organizers commented that India was ready for speed dating and “cities like Mumbai are ready for a safe, informal way of getting to know each other face-to-face with a view to finding partners".Mumbai and Delhi are the cities where most of India’s speed dating events have taken place till now.Speed dating is a special form of matchmaking where a singles gather at one place and have the opportunity to meet around seven to ten other potential partners all in the span of one evening.From Los Angeles in 1999 speed dating took a whole six years to arrive in India.

At the end of the speed dating event, singles hand over the scorecard to the organizers and if a mutual interest is noted, the organizers help the couple to contact each other.

Speed dating caught on in Western societies sometime in the early 2000.

This is possible only because each couple is given a very short time to get to know each other which may range from three to seven minutes.

Couples reel off questions to one another and based on the other person’s responses, mark each other on a scorecard.

Speed dating is a relatively new phenomenon in India.

In a land where arranged marriages are still the norm in a majority of families and matrimonial decisions are rarely taken without the involvement of family elders, not surprisingly speed dating is restricted to urban centers and the upwardly mobile classes.

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