Speed dating first email

27-Oct-2016 16:00

I attempt a hair flick as I try to pull it together and he smiled politely and kissed me hello. No awkward silences and I slowly start to regain my composure after my trip.The waitress checks on us several times to see if we were ready to order – time to concentrate on the menu selection.I have to give men a lot of credit for making the difficult call and not opting for the chicken approach aka text message. I scan the restaurant trying to look chic and at ease.

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Number Six likes me, Number Six wants to marry me, Number Six you are sooo into me! Sports, Interests Table tennis, wine connoisseur I am not surprised that Alex is an Accountant.

He must equate this to a clumsy female – that’s why he hasn’t texted or called.

Excited, thrilled, moon dance performed live in my lounge room!

Hottie Number Six from my first-speed dating event called me! ’ ‘I will book dinner – what kind of food do you like’ ‘I’m easy,’ I say, ‘that is, metaphorically speaking.’ We settled on a Thursday evening – 3 nights away and he chose a Japanese restaurant.

I wait expectantly for a text the following day – it doesn’t come.I re-run the whole date in my head, my little slip in the restaurant flashes to mind.