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07-Jul-2015 23:22

Unlike Humboldt County’s speed-dating-esque search for additional air service, Del Norte County was awarded a U. Department of Transportation essential air service contract, meaning the feds identified a need and approved a .5 million dollar subsidy to fund the Pen Air service.

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As the Journal reported in March, the division was facing a fiscal year-end deficit of more than 0,000.

But that likely doesn’t matter: The Measure Z Advisory committee released its recommendations for the disbursement of those funds this week, and none of the airport requests made the list.

In other airport news, Crescent City’s airport recently signed a deal with Alaska-based Pen Air to begin providing direct flights to Portland in September.

Earlier this year, Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass told the Journal, “There’s something in the works at Del Norte/Crescent city that [Aviation Division program manager Emily Jacobs] is aware of.

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The aviation enterprise fund is expected to lose 0,000 per year until additional airline service is secured or other revenue sources are identified.

The board of Supervisors on Tuesday directed the County Administration Office to work with public works to arrange a 0,000 loan from the county’s motor pool fund to the Aviation enterprise fund to help cover the deficit.