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05-Jun-2016 18:23

A member of the Research Office attended the workshop that this blog post is based on, and contributed to the ideas shared.

Rightly or wrongly, publications are a critical part of researchers’ career development.

Around the time we started Kudos, we undertook a survey of around 4,000 researchers to determine, among other things, who they felt provided them with support for increasing the visibility of their work.

When asked whether their institution provided them with such support, only about 50% of respondents gave a positive response.

Building on that last point, we started with an exercise where we explored the different teams / offices involved in increasing the visibility of research outputs, the range of names by which they are commonly known, and the intersections between them (which we didn’t explore in detail during the workshop but which I’ve attempted to represent in my diagram! The number of sticky notes we ended up with – and the complexity of this diagram – is a pretty good indication of why researchers struggle to know where to turn for support.

This means that much research is scarcely, if ever, downloaded or read, much less applied or cited.

This in turn means that researchers need to take action themselves if they want to ensure their work finds its audience.

It’s still the case in most disciplines and countries that a “good” publication will make your career.

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When we’ve explored this point in interviews with researchers and institutional staff since then, it’s clear that while institutional support does exist, it’s not always clear who provides it – making it hard for researchers to know where to turn, and indeed for institutional staff to be able to know about each others’ efforts, let along align and build on them.This is the backdrop to a workshop that we led [last month] at the 2016 conference of ARMA (the Association of Research Manager and Administrators) (slides).Charlie Rapple is co-founder of Kudos which helps researchers and their institutions increase the reach and impact of published work.This blog post was first published on the Kudos Blog and has been reposted with permission.

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But in an age of information overload – and of growing metricisation – this is no longer the case.

Publishers provide lots of important services but typically don’t have the capacity to undertake targeted marketing around each individual piece of work they publish.

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