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11-Aug-2015 21:43

But for three weeks every summer the population gets upended because the tribe that normally visits only at the weekend arrives during the working day. Tricolour bunting and the yellow, green, white and polka-dot shirts of the tour swathe the coffee shop.

A big screen dominates one wall and excited TV commentary cranks up the adrenalin as much as the coffee. Over the same period the building housing Runway East, one of the best co-working spaces in the area, was found to have a structural fault that needed urgent fixing.

On the day of a mountain stage it is standing room only. All the companies in the building suddenly became nomadic while urgent works were carried out over several days.

They struck out for cafés, hotel lobbies, shared workspaces and the churchyard.

It is spacious, well lit, full of flat surfaces, and the coffee is good.

Consequently, it’s so replete with students and workers that laptops are banned on certain tables so that at least one or two patrons can pursue the noble tradition of not being online.

If I think a situation’s going to be a bit, say, tricky, I come here. So what I’m saying is, I think we might need some luck.” This took place in the churchyard behind St Luke’s, a few minutes’ walk from Old Street roundabout.

The explanation for all these interlopers became clear after I heaved myself upright and walked the few hundred meters to the bicycle-workshop-café.

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We ended up here by chance, I had thought, until this inauspicious moment.

What seems like many lifetimes ago, at the dawn of the World Wide Web, my first business had hit the buffers and the liquidator had suggested we go for a little stroll before the creditors’ meeting began.

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