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Vibrancy, a wild vibrancy, is perhaps the best way to describe the Ring of Kerry.

Exposed by raw elements, the landscape is windswept and awe inspiring.

Many could be printed in large sizes and hung on walls and I have no doubt many have over the decades.

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Starting in Gougane Barra, the River Lee has led me into the lives of residents of the valley exploring their rich heritage.Then there was a series of articles on Technical Education.This book follows on from Kieran’s previous work of exploring the nature of postcards in the south west region and how they helped to place-make and construct local, regional and national identity.The book explores the fascination of landscapes around the Ring of Kerry or the Grand Atlantic Tour as it was known a century ago and comprises what could be genuinely described as stunning images.

In the present day, Cork’s historic maps and more regional history are the foci of the column, Books: Cork 1916, A Year Examined (2016) This book compiled by Kieran Mc Carthy & Suzanne Kirwan takes the year 1916 from the point of view that there were multiple conversations to be heard during the year – a kaleidoscope of ideas, which provided the context and framework for revolution – everyday life being one – some led Cork citizens to connect with the Republican mantra at the time and others to just maintain existence, survive and struggle with the bleakness of a national and local economy.

Entering the on 1 January and progressing page by page one discovers key nuggets about the nature of Cork society, the soul of Ireland’s southern capital, the ongoing conversations about maintaining a contemporary status of being one of Ireland‘s distinguished port cities, and all the advantages and problems that run with that. ie=UTF8&qid=1474657900&sr=8-9&keywords=Kieran+Mc Carthy Ring of Kerry – The Postcard Collection (2015) The third of three books Kieran Mc Carthy has been compiling and penning this year is entitled .