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11-May-2015 04:52

We have the chance to hit the re-set button and start over with a shift in attitude and a reawakening to our values, dreams, and sense of purpose for our lives.The concept of rebirth during the spring isn’t simply a religious or seasonal metaphor.The arrival of spring always lightens my heart and soul.It feels like a new beginning, a fresh start that begs us to open our internal windows to release the stale and tired emotions we’ve carried all winter and allow a light breeze of peace and positivity to wash over us.Spring is the perfect time to recreate ourselves and blossom into the beautiful potential we envision for our lives.Everything that happens in your outer life begins with your internal choices or lack thereof.Last week I took my daughter to New York City for spring break to look at colleges. In fact, it was so cold we were wearing winter coats and boots, wondering if nature was playing a cruel trick on us.

We tend to exercise less, eat heavier foods, and sleep more.It’s amazing how the regenerative powers of sunshine, warm weather, and time outside can almost immediately restore your body and mind.