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01-Apr-2016 03:52

However Sri Lankan men and women who migrate legally to work as laborers or housemaids to Middle Eastern countries find themselves in situations of involuntary servitude as they are faced with restricted movement and physical or sexual abuse.According to Sri Lankas Foreign Employment Bureau, about one million Sri Lankans work abroad, of whom 60 percent are women.Of these, 54 percent work as domestic workers and are subject to risks of abuse, sexual harassment and forced, Sri Lankan authorities have taken no effective action and abductions continue, Human Rights Watch said today.Or would you be thinking about child rights and just watch others being put through the same misery as you.If we had given these children's a good life and education, they would follow international child rights standards.Some of these workers find themselves in situations of involuntary servitude when faced with restrictions on movement, withholding of passports, threats, physical or sexual abuse, and debt bondage that is, in some instances, facilitated by large pre-departure fees imposed by labor recruitment agencies and their unlicensed sub-agents.

The armed opposition Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) also continue to recruit children in Sri Lanka and use them as soldiers.

You as a reader put your self in one of these situations. Would you not want to protect your brothers and sisters from the same tortures that you faced?