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So, it`s what you think you`re saying when you`re trying to hide and what people understand, which isn`t always the same thing. We`re going to get some calls in for Stacy London after the break. And maybe you can affect some of my viewers` style.

Tools to which to kind of -- look, this is what my book is about. Fashion was what I went after when I was feeling incredibly insecure and monstrous on the inside.

PINSKY: So it`s breaking them of that habit and giving them -- LONDON: Yes. LONDON: I think if you have any kind of, you know, disease that makes you feel like an other, that makes you feel like an alien, which it certainly did when I was a child, I think that language in a vocabulary that you retain. I feel much more for the child that I was in terms of empathy -- PINSKY: Than you did?

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DREW Interview with Stacy London Aired October 16, 2012 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. DREW PINSKY, HOST: It sounds like a grownup version of "Mean Girls", a TV host who tells women what is wrong with what they`re wearing. When it comes to work and career, I feel totally happy and settled and comfortable. You know, I`m on a format show and I`m a style coaching critic. Are there moments when you think back at your non-empathic behavior that you`re a little mortified by now in retrospect?

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But there`s a surprising reason for her brutal honesty and the way she`s actually trying to help women. (END VIDEO CLIP) PINSKY: Stacy London, the star of "What Not to Wear", reveals the source of the pain she experienced growing up in a new book called "The Truth about Style." Now, I want to quote something from the book that caught my and my producers` attention. STACY LONDON, AUTHOR, "THE TRUTH ABOUT STYLE": Yes, I`m ready. PINSKY: Yes, it is weird, because you`re a beautiful woman and you`re 42 and you`ve got -- obviously smart and you got a career. PINSKY: Does it have to do with what you wrote about in the book? I do think, you know, the big metaphor for me in the book is learning to be comfortable in my own skin. PINSKY: Well, I`m going to stop you, because it`s interesting that you use skin as a metaphor, because I want you to tell a story about growing up with a skin disease.

PINSKY: It`s what you said was the most difficult thing to write. What is the -- I could ask what`s the matter with you. LONDON: Yes, I did, and that`s why I used the metaphor.