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Before looking into each of the four layouts, we define classes for the single visual elements. Main Page = new Tabbed Page { Children = { new Content Page { Title = "Aspect Fill", Content = new Image { Source = Image Source. Aspect Fill, }, }, new Content Page { Title = "Aspect Fit", Content = new Image { Source = Image Source. Aspect Fit, }, }, new Content Page { Title = "Fill", Content = new Image { Source = Image Source. Fill, }, }, }, }; There might be a situation where you want to display an image with pan and zoom functionality. Since app design is out of scope of this guide, we only focus on adding an existing icon to a Xamarin. Current style guides don’t recommend displaying a splash screen on app start, but encourage to speed up the app start as much as possible.

The number of rows or columns would then be automatically derived from the children added afterwards. This might be an advantage for arbitrarily arranged elements, but can also be tedious if one of the previous layouts roughly matches the underlying structure. Since we already added the Xamarin logo as an app icon, the 29-pixel version and the 58-pixel versions are located in the “Resources” folder named “Icon-Small.png” and “[email protected]”.

Droid", Icon = "@drawable/icon", Main Launcher = true, Configuration Changes = Config Changes. Orientation)] public class Main Activity : Forms Application Activity { protected override void On Create(Bundle saved Instance State) { base. Init(this, saved Instance State); Load Application(new App()); } } }using Foundation; using UIKit; using Xamarin. Afterwards, we will demonstrate how to refer to the screen size for sizing and aligning visual elements and discuss Xamarin. Then you can create an An embedded image can be stored in the shared project.

Platform.i OS; namespace Hello Forms.i OS { [Register("App Delegate")] public class App Delegate : Forms Application Delegate { public override bool Finished Launching(UIApplication ui Application, NSDictionary launch Options) { Forms. Finished Launching(ui Application, launch Options); } } } First, we will create an example app containing all four layouting structures. The build action should be automatically set to “Bundle Resource” and “Android Resource”.

In this chapter we will have a detailed look into each of these three projects. Forms; namespace Hello Forms { public class App : Application { public App() { Main Page = new Content Page { Content = new Label { Text = "Hello, Forms! Fill And Expand, Children = { new Name("Alice"), new Subject("Meeting on Friday"), new Body("Peter, Let's meet on Friday at 10 am"), }, }); Children. Add(new Time(" AM"), 2, 0); } }public class Demo Relative Layout: Relative Layout { public Demo Relative Layout() { Height Request = 70; const int x Spacing = 5; const int y Spacing = 2; Vertical Options = Layout Options. From Rgb(1.0, 0.8, 0.8)); var name = new Name("Charly"); var subject = new Subject("Re: Request"); var body = new Body("Ok."); var time = new Time(" AM"); Children. Relative To Parent(l = is probably the most powerful layout. On Create(saved Instance State); Set Content View(Resource. Main); } protected override async void On Resume() { base. Run(() = to be the first activity when starting the app.

This not only lets you play with the examples contained in the book, but gives you early access to new demos for future book editions. The new solution contains basically three projects: a shared project with all the cross-platform business logic and UI description as well as two projects with the platform specific integration and customization for Android and i OS devices. The following two sections will show how to integrate this shared project into platform-specific code. Like the main direction of one “email” block the public class Demo Stack Layout: Stack Layout { public Demo Stack Layout() { Height Request = 70; Spacing = 5; Orientation = Stack Orientation. Add(new Stack Layout { Spacing = 2, Width Request = 0, Horizontal Options = Layout Options. Did you already listened to the new album..."), 1, 2); Children. Height); } }public override void Touches Moved(NSSet touches, UIEvent evt) { base. No Title Bar")] public class Launch Activity : Activity { protected override void On Create(Bundle saved Instance State) { base.Those child elements are identical to the ones added to the public class Demo Grid: Grid { public Demo Grid() { Height Request = 70; Row Spacing = 2; Column Spacing = 5; Row Definitions = new Row Definition Collection { new Row Definition(), new Row Definition(), new Row Definition(), }; Column Definitions = new Column Definition Collection { new Column Definition{ Width = new Grid Length(70) }, new Column Definition(), new Column Definition{ Width = new Grid Length(50) }, }; Children. Besides specifying the and horizontal spacing we pre-compute the width of the block with name, subject and body. The latter with the “[email protected]” suffix is automatically used for retina displays.

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