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01-Feb-2016 03:08

They sell new, used and rare books and I don't think I've ever left empty handed.

In addition to actual books, they sell some pretty great gifts too — cards, mugs, shirts and my personal favorite: tote bags.

During my two-month stay this winter, I obviously had to buy this cat version, which I haven't even used yet because I'm kind of terrified to get it dirty.

Although the Strand bookstore is celebrating its 85th birthday this month, it is far from going gentle into that good night—a fate suffered by East West Books, Coliseum, the Oscar Wilde Bookshop and the 400 Borders stores closing around the country.

Despite grim prognoses for brick-and-mortar stores and ongoing labor disputes, the Strand is determined to retain its distinction as the last of the 48 stores that once made up Book Store Row on Fourth Avenue.

I've been collecting Strand totes since my very first visit, and it's impossible for me to pick a favorite.

That's where Benjamin Bass opened the original book shop in 1927...No matter how many new and exciting things I find to do in the city, one of my top-five favorite destinations will always be the Strand bookstore.There's something magical about the Strand that can't accurately be described, but if you're a book lover and you've been there, I'm sure you've felt it.There are four floors — basically: non-fiction in the basement, fiction on the ground floor, children's and art on the second and a rare book room on the fourth — and while I'm not sure where the "18 miles" tagline came from, you won't be disappointed by the selection.

Home to 18 miles of books at 12th and Broadway, the Strand is my happy place.

I find it absolutely impossible to feel anything but excitement every time I walk down Broadway and catch sight of the red Strand banners and sidewalk racks of discount books.