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01-Oct-2016 10:34

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The original story, which the game brings out wonderfully, functions as a Yuri prototype — between the foundations of the genre in things in “a place meant only for us” or specific enduring tropes like secret tea parties, it fits perfectly.

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The tone, too, is carried over — visual novels are well-suited for the introspective style that emphasizes an inner monologue.

The game’s biggest flaw is in the time management mini-game.

Part of the game is a verbatim retelling of the original, and then it’s expanded on by adding in fleshed out arcs for the original characters.

Each character has their own set of scenes, which are chosen via a time management mini-game (the minigame is easy enough that you effectively choose the desired result.) After you view enough of their scenes, you’re locked into that character’s route and ending. Some of the character routes develop romantically, though you spend the majority time is on the friendship side of the relationship.

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This seemed like a perfect way to celebrate the opening our our new Yuri Games& Visual Novel page on the Yuricon store.^_^s is Sarah Crewe, a refined British girl sent to a boarding school, but is forced to work as a scullery maid for the school when her father dies and leaves her with nothing.