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The "Moral Event Horizon", or "MEH" for short, refers to an action by a villain that is so evil that it usually eliminates audience sympathy for the villain and makes it clear that they are unrepentantly evil and will not be redeemed, unless if they themselves are offended by the actions of another villain, or admit themselves that they are beyond redemption.

All Complete Monsters are by definition beyond the Moral Event Horizon.

However, crossing the Moral Event Horizon does not necessarily make a villain a true Complete Monster, it only means that they are irredeemably evil.

The notable consequence on the villains' reputation whom crosses MEH would led either mere mention of their name as a taboo and believed to bring bad luck to those who utter it (or in extreme causes disease, death, or other supernatural curses) or they themselves became Damned Souls when they died.

Some villains have or almost crossed the Moral Event Horizon, or done something despicable enough to make the fans believe they did so, only to later redeem completely or partially.A strong example of a Complete Monster would be either a villain who (in addition to having no or a very poor excuse for being evil) commits multiple especially heinous Moral Event Horizon-worthy deeds, or if the line in question proves to be heinous enough.

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