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When Rachel Ryan and Randy Spears decide to share an in-town apartment, horny hell breaks loose all over the place! WHile Randy is making love to his girlfriend in the bedroom, Rachels savoring a nasty nooner on the couch! Swedish subs TOk ZDNj Bj..part1 DNj Bj..part2 DNj Bj..part3 DNj Bj..part4 DNj Bj..part5 Yhl DNj Bj..part6 N3EGNj Bj..part7 FGNj Bj..part8Anything That Moves (1992) Director: John Leslie Screens: Cast: Cassidy Selena Steele Traci Winn Joel Lawrence (as Joel Clupper) Nick East Nick Santiago Randy Spears Steve Drake Tim Lake Synopsis: Selena Steele. Put them together and you get the dirtiest dancing duo ever to hit a strip ****. "Debbie wants to make it with a famous rock star in front of a fireplace; while Linda gets turned on imagining herself a high-powered executive who's serviced by her female secretary as well as the whole office cleanup crew. And when Sharon Kane shows up, this insatiable nympho takes on any man or woman who's left over! And when these girls act wild they get into trouble. Leave it to award-winning director John Leslie to create an erotic masterpiece that makes Thema and Louise look like a couple of girl scouts. Finally Marcy wants Linda to join her as she becomes a high fashion model who seduces a photographer. She has mysteriously kept her fiery lust and beautiful body by seeking out those of strength and energy only to lure them into the raging flames of her insatiable sexual appetite. She has discovered the sexual fountain of youth - and so will you! Steve Drake, Selena Steele, Traci Winn Video = 805 mb Div X 5.0, 640 x 492 Dur. Svenske subs Yk ZGNj Bj..part01 Bj..part02 ETNj Bj..part03 Zj FTNj Bj..part04 N4ITNj Bj..part05 Y1MTNj Bj..part06 Zl NTNj Bj..part07 RTNj Bj..part08Genie's Dirty Girls (1987) Director: Thomas Roberts Screens: Cast: Amanda Jane Adams Buffy Davis Kari Foxx [Lez Only] Krista Lane Craig Roberts Greg Rome Peter North Rick Savage Steve Drake Tony Martino Genie's Dirty Girls: Debbie, Marcy and Linda are three hot gals who, while sitting around talking about their disappointing love life, accidentally conjure up a Genie who's been locked up in their TV set. Her magnetizing beauty and unquenchable thirst for sex has made her a goddess of the erotic screen. Buffy Davis, Peter North Video = 735 mb Div X 5.0, 640 x 496 Dur. In a business where stars come and go, Nora reigns supreme. Svenske subs DOy MTYj Bj..****ls.part1 Bj..****ls.part2 NTYj Bj..****ls.part3 DO1QTYj Bj..****ls.part4 RTYj Bj..****ls.part5 UTYj Bj..****ls.part6 Z3UTYj Bj..****ls.part7 Y4UTYj Bj..****ls.part8Star 90 - Christy Canyon Director: Tina Marie [IMG] Screens: Cast: Bridgette Monroe Chantel Christy Canyon [Facial] Suzie Bartlett Don Fernando Frank James Joey Silvera Marc Wallice Tony Montana Scene Breakdowns: Scene 1.

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On Sinset Boulevard." Video = 772 mb Div X 5.0,640 x 500 Dur. "He says he'll grant their wishes if they'll help him remove his curse, which involves their sexual favors. Swedish subs Rj Nj Bj..part01 Nj Bj..part02 Zx Yj Nj Bj..part03 Zj Nj Bj..part04 Nj Bj..part05 Nj Bj..part06 Nj Bj..part07 DNykj Nj Bj..part08Love Nest (1989) Director: Jim Malibu Screens: Cast: Kim Alexis Nina Hartley [Facial] Rachel Ryan [Facial] Sharon Kane Jon Dough Peter North Randy Spears Love Nest: "The high price of urban housing has its erotic consequences! Sharon Kane, Jon Dough Video = 735 mb Div X 5.0, 648 x 500 Dur. Their wishes (naturally) are to have their ultimate sexual fantasies fulfilled.