Svn error validating location

08-Oct-2016 09:18

And it's usefull if you want to re-use security rules of your apache config.But you can use svn+ssh:// protocole over the internet without any problem. From an email: Today (2010-01-10) I installed Subclipse on Windows 7.When I enter the URL: svn://servername/site/trunk as I do from Windows. I get the following error: Error validating location: "org.tigris.subversion.javahl. Client Exception: svn: Malformed network data" Anybody got any ideas? I un-installed everything, eclipse, subversion, subclipse, etc.

Here is a quick manual of use of Subversion installation on Windows: You need Apache if you want to be able to access to your SVN repository throw Web DAV protocol.To, a simple web browser ou webdav client or file browser (like nautilus or windows explorer) can be enough to work with svn.